5 Ski Town Hikes To Help You Survive Mud Season

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Shoulder season, mud season—whatever you call it, it can be a drag living in a resort town after the lifts stop running. It’s a waiting game for the snow to melt so you can get back into the mountains again. Lucky for you we found 5 great hikes near popular resorts that are usually good to go early in the spring. When looking for hikes, your best bet is lower elevations and a south facing aspect for maximum sun saturation.

Cheakamus Lake hike at Whistler, B.C., Canada

Cheakamus Lake is a popular early season hike among Whistler locals. Located in Garibaldi Provincial Park, this low angle (read: virtually no elevation gain) hike is both accessible and easy enough for almost every level of hiker.

The hike takes around 2–4 hours round trip with the route varying from 8–14 kilometers depending on how far you choose to travel once arriving at the lake. The lush trail embarks above the Cheakamus river and wanders through old growth trees before arriving at the turquoise lake. Since it is in a national park dogs are not allowed.

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