5 Things People Don’t Tell You About Travel Photography

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3. You can have too much of a good thing

In travel photography, it’s a good thing when you start landing clients and jobs, and the money starts to flow in. However, it’s important to realize that you can have too much of a good thing and stretch yourself too thin, and then you come away from a trip with poor content and results. The fear of burning out is very, very real.

I remember reading about fishing boats off the coast of Alaska, and a crew that, after a long period of time without catching any fish, suddenly happened upon a school that contained thousands. However, because of their excitement and desire to catch all they could, they forgot their boat’s weight limit, and tried to bring in a catch that eventually sunk their vessel. Too much of a good thing is sometimes not a good thing, as they found out.

This can happen in travel photography, as well. You have periods of no work, and then suddenly, you there are so many bites on your line and you’re catching gig after gig. It’s important to take a pause and have realistic expectations on what you can accomplish in one trip with your team or by yourself. I’ve been on a trip and had so much client work I was bringing along with me, and it made my trip less productive. I figuratively sunk my boat, and I never wanted to do that again. Remember to always be realistic, never get too excited or greedy, and plan your client work out so you don’t sink from the weight.

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