5 Things People Don’t Tell You About Travel Photography

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I’ve shared before that I’m always going and always looking for the next opportunity, but resting and taking a break from your craft can take you to the next level. You’ll come back from your time off more creative, more inspired, and fully recharged, ready to tackle any job on your schedule.

Travel photography is amazing. I wake up every day with a smile on my face and can say that I love what I do. It has turned into a fantastic, creative outlet for me and is a great way to network, build relationships with incredible clients and brands, and allows me to provide for my wife and my future family, all while experiencing this beautiful world.

But it is not all sunshine and roses. Believe me, I’m grateful, but it is difficult work, and it can turn into a burden if you don’t realize the realities of the job. The most important advice I have? Do travel photography because you are passionate about it, not just because it looks fun or exciting. Do it because you love it, not to impress people on social media, because the glossy allure of those photos will eventually wear off and you’ll be left asking why you did it. If you go into this field with an authentic love for it, you’ll be much better off in the end.

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