Basic Photography Composition Techniques

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ith all the advancements in today’s digital cameras, both beginners and professional photographers can pretty much enjoy fully automatic settings. However, the key to achieving great images will always be the one behind the camera — and that’s you.

As the photographer, what viewers will end up seeing in the picture is entirely up to you. Aside from choosing your camera settings and when to click the shutter, you get to decide where to point your lens. Certainly there are many ways to achieve better photos, but what helps turn your ordinary snapshot into a compelling work of art is by putting a lot of thought into the composition.

The main purpose of composition is to influence viewing behavior. This entails understanding the principles of composition in photography and knowing how to lead your viewer’s eye to your subject or whatever focal point you want to them to look at. Thus, if you’re looking for tried-and-tested ways to naturally improve your photos even without the need for Photoshop, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most commonly practiced photography composition techniques.

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