Basic Photography Composition Techniques

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Basic Photography Composition Techniques

Even long after you’ve become a professional shooter, these photography composition “rules” will always come in handy. Check them out and see how they can help you bring your photography to the next level.


Narrow depth of field shot of sunflower

The easiest way to have a clear and strong composition is to keep things simple. Instead of having too much going on in the frame, keep the focus on a single subject with the use of a narrow depth of field or by eliminating distracting elements that may steal the limelight from your main subject. The sooner your viewers are able to determine the focal point of your image, the more they can spend time appreciating it and deciphering the message behind it.

Filling the Frame

For this technique, move in closer to your subject to strengthen your composition. Doing so allows the focus to fall on your subject, such as a person’s facial expression, and on details that may not be readily noticeable by the naked eye. As a bonus, it will help you get rid of distracting elements in the background and may even give you interesting abstract patterns.

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