Basic Photography Composition Techniques

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Monochromatic landscape shot showing tonal contrast and balance

As an essential form of color, contrast works similarly in improving your composition, more so for monochromatic images. It can also be used to make your subject stand out—simply surround your subject and fill the frame with lighter colors, or vice versa. Monochromatic images like sepia and black-and-white also rely on contrast to reveal its details and textures.

When going for tonal contrast, it’s important to note that darker areas tend to be “heavier” on the eyes, so do balance these out by adding bigger, lighter areas.

Leading Lines and Shapes

Window and balcony showing lines and shapes

Other significant elements of art that our eyes are naturally drawn to are lines and shapes. Use them to your advantage by allowing them to change the way your audience views your image. Lines have a natural way of leading the viewer’s eyes, making them the perfect element to help bring the attention to your desired focal points.

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