Best 10 African Lodges That Are Saving the World

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African Bush Camps Somalisa Camp, Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

The Issue: The death of Hwange’s iconic lion, Cecil, was a wake-up call for everyone that Hwange’s lion population is under threat.

The smart solution: Setting up a Lion Conservation and Wildlife Fund to protect Hwange’s lions and focus on the long-term conservation of the park’s wildlife. The new fund will assist Zimbabwe National Parks and stop unsustainable killing of other wildlife in and around Hwange—and hopefully increase their borders, too.

Little Chem Chem

Little Chem Chem, Lake Manyara, Tanzania

The Issue: The need for a critical wildlife corridor for elephant, linking Tarangire National Park with Lake Manyara National Park, and, ultimately, the Ngorogoro Crater. As recently as March 2013, lion and elephant were being shot here.

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