Best 10 African Lodges That Are Saving the World

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The Smart Solution: The owners of Chem Chem Safari lodge opened the vintage-style Little Chem Chem Camp in December 2013, creating a 16,000-hectare wildlife conservation corridor that has seen a resurgence of big game in the area. The camp’s presence benefits the local communities in numerous ways, from creating over 140 jobs to sponsoring a televised Kick4Wildlife soccer tournament involving eight villages and 15 soccer teams.

Bale Mountain

Bale Mountain Lodge, Bale Mountain National Park, Ethiopia

The issue: UNESCO estimates that more mammal species (the endemic Bale monkey and Ethiopian wolf are two examples) would go extinct if the habitats of the Bale Mountains (identified as a biodiversity hotspot by Conservation International) were to decline than if any other area of equivalent size on earth were to disappear.

The smart solution: In order to raise the perceived value of the national park, Bale Mountain Lodge is actively involved in supporting the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation authority, employing and educating local villagers about critical issues like deforestation, and hosting conservation research teams.

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