Best 10 African Lodges That Are Saving the World

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Wilderness Safaris Desert Rhino Camp, Namibia

The Issue: Communal land with no formal conservation status in north-western Namibia is home to the world’s last truly wild population of black rhino, but has been coming under increasing threat from poachers.

The smart solution: A successful and unique partnership between Save the Rhino Trust, Wilderness Safaris Namibia, Wilderness Wildlife Trust, and the local conservancies of Anabeb, Sesfontein and Torra, ensures that these rhinos have a greater chance of survival than most, thanks the community’s unanimous support.

AndBeyond Mnemba

andBeyond Mnemba, off the northeast coast of Zanzibar

The Issue: Mnemba island’s beaches are one of three critical nesting sites for green turtles in Tanzania.

The smart solution: Since the conservation team began keeping detailed records and educating subsistence fishermen that ply these waters, an estimated 60,000 green turtles have been born on the island.

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