Best 10 African Lodges That Are Saving the World

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Azura Quilalea

Azura Quilalea, Quirimbas archipelago, Mozambique

The Issue: Illegal fishing, over-fishing, and unsustainable fishing methods in and around the Quirimbas Marine National Park, which is depleting marine resources and damaging corals.

The Smart Solution: Azura set up the Rainbow Fund, the first registered charity of its kind in Mozambique, to support a variety of community and environmental projects. The fund works closely with the marine national park’s rangers and local communities to eradicate illegal fishing boats from the area and educate people about sustainable fishing methods. It also sponsors medical supplies for informal clinics in communities on neighbouring islands.

linkwasha camp

Wilderness Safaris Linkwasha Camp, Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

The Issue: Growing conflict between humans and wildlife on the fringes of the park.

The Smart Solution: In partnership with Children in the Wilderness, Wilderness Safaris has adopted a multi-pronged approach to environmental education and community empowerment in Zimbabwe, benefiting both students and teachers.

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