Best 10 Incredible National Parks Outside the U.S.

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Botswana Kalahari Desert Near Jack's Camp

Makgadikgadi Pans National Park, Botswana

Stark, sun-scorched and stretching flat for over 6,000 miles, the saltpans of Botswana are one of the country’s most extreme landscapes—at least, for most of the year. During rainy season, the grasslands on the park’s western side attract migrating herds of zebra, wildebeest, and millions of flamingos, offering a unique oasis of life in this usually bleak landscape. Luxury lodges, like Leroo La Tau, offer glass-windowed views of the bush, with the added bonus of game drives and a pool.

Flinders National Park

Flinders Chase National Park, Australia

This 74,000-hectare park, located on an island south and west of Adelaide, combines two of Australia’s best features: wildlife and coastal scenery. Appropriately named Kangaroo Island, it literally teems with the hopping marsupials, though they also share this untouched bush land with koalas, Tammar wallabies and, down along the coast, New Zealand fur seals. At the park’s southern end, be sure to pose for a photo under Remarkable Rocks, an elegant wind-sculpted granite rock formation that dates back 500 million years.

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