Best 5 Essential Pieces of Gear for Winter Camping

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0º Sleeping Bag

A good tent is only part of the solution for getting a comfortable night’s sleep. You’ll also want a warm sleeping bag as well. That means you should look for one with a temperature rating of at least 0º Fahrenheit (-17º Celsius). Chances are, it’ll still be warmer than that inside your tent, but you’ll want a sleeping bag that provides a bit of wiggle room in case the mercury drops further than you had originally expected.

Winter Sleeping Pad

If you’re going to be sleeping on the ground during the winter, you’ll definitely need a sleeping pad with a high “R-value.” That’s a scale that measures the warmth of the pad, allowing you to find one that is specifically designed for use in cold environments. A sleeping pad helps to get you off of the ground and serves as a buffer between the floor of the tend and the outside of the sleeping bag. This allows you to stay warmer and dryer in any season, but it is crucial to your comfort in the winter in particular.

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