Best 5 Essential Pieces of Gear for Winter Camping

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Winter Boots

As you can probably imagine, the boots you wear for your summer hikes aren’t going to cut it during the winter months. Instead, you’ll need warmer footwear that is designed to hold its grip on surfaces that are often slick and wet. Winter boots will keep your feet comfortable and dry too, allowing you to stay out on the trail for a longer period of time and generally enjoy your winter camping experience much more fully.

As you can see, winter gear is understandably more expensive than the items we use throughout the rest of the year. But that’s because we put more demands on those products as well. In order to stay warm and dry – and ultimately safe – in the backcountry, that gear must perform at a higher level. That means it’s going to go cost more too. But, if it is all worth it if you’re a winter camper, as it results in a much more pleasant experience all around.

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