Best Essential Travel Photography Equipment You Must Have on Every Trip

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When you step into the world of photography, it can not only be a scary journey, but a true investment. Normally, you immediately prepare, plan, and purchase a camera body with the accompanied glass to do the job well. But when you decide to take your show on the road and begin travel photography, and self-employment, there are are tools you need in your toolbox that will not only sharpen your creative sword, but make your life much more easier and stress-free.

They might be smaller items that people overlook or don’t think about, but they are true essentials for any travel photographer. As a travel photographer who learned through experience, I have done jobs and trips with and without these items, and having them completely changed how I work, organize, and protect my gear.

So here are the essential travel photography gear that you might not know about, but should be added to your kit.

A durable and dependable hard drive

G-Technology 1TB G-Drive Mobile SSD R-Series

Trust me, you’re going to need one — maybe even two. You don’t want to be halfway through a trip with thousands of photos on your memory cards, and have to empty them all onto your laptop, slowing it down significantly, and you’re left with a poorly performing laptop that is unorganized and frustrating to deal with.

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