Best Essential Travel Photography Equipment You Must Have on Every Trip

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To explain these terms more simply, reading means the ability for you to browse through larger files quicker on your camera or transfer files to your hard drive or computer with ease. Being able to write information faster means your camera can handle rapid shots, sequential bursts, and shooting in both RAW and JPEG, if you prefer shooting in both file types. In summary, it makes your job much easier as a photographer to have multiple, fast and effective memory cards.

But the best part about investing in memory cards at this level? Most are temperature proof, shock proof, and even waterproof, which again is incredible when you’re working in adverse conditions or extreme environments. Add a few more arrows to your quiver, and invest in some reliable memory cards.

UV, ND, and CPL filters

Hoya HD3 UV Filter

I don’t know about you, but if I go on a work trip, I never forget my shades. No matter if I’m by the ocean or in the mountains, I have to protect my eyes. So why would we not invest in gear that does the same for our cameras and lenses?

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