Best Essential Travel Photography Equipment You Must Have on Every Trip

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If you’re in the outdoors and out traveling, bad weather can strike at any moment. You have to protect your gear, and there are ways to do that effectively without your wallet taking a beating. I know that most professional-grade cameras and lenses are “weather-sealed,” but there’s a reason they don’t call these pieces of equipment waterproof or stake many claims about your camera performing well in wet and stormy conditions. It’s because if you leave your camera out in the rain for too long, weather sealed or not, it will fry, and then you will most certainly cry.

There are camera hoods you can buy, that are made of waterproof material and the seams are taped for extra weatherproofing. These camera hoods (like this one from Peak Design) are like ponchos for your camera, and you can slip one on when a storm rolls in, and still keep shooting. Invest in a weather hood for your camera, and you’ll feel a lot better when the weather turns bad.

A light and trustworthy tripod

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