Colors to Dye For: Tips for Knitting With Hand-Dyed Yarns

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If you’ve been lucky enough to knit with hand-dyed yarns, you know why they’re so special. Hand-dyed yarns are all completely unique. Their color can sometimes be unpredictable, with some parts of the yarn skein dyeing lighter or darker than others. Because these color variations are hidden within the skein, you never know what you’re going to get once that skein is unraveled.

Keep these tips in mind as you’re knitting with hand-dyed yarns to make the most of those unique color schemes — and avoid any last-minute surprises.

Half Linen Stitch Cowl with hand-dyed yarn

Because they’re dyed by hand, the dye may not be distributed evenly. Sometimes you can’t tell this from looking at the outside of the hank, so the color variations can be a complete surprise once you start knitting.Another issue is that two skeins dyed the same color can yield totally different results. A green dye, for example, might result in one dark green skein and one slightly lighter green skein. This can be problematic when you’re knitting projects that require more than one skein of yarn because the finished project might turn out to be two different colors. Yikes!

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