How to predict the angle of sunrise for the perfect landscape photography

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First, check the weather. Ideally you want partial cloud. If it’s miserable and wet, stay in bed! Next, check the time of sunrise. There’s a moment when the colours are at their peak, but it lasts for minutes at most, so be ready.

2. Plan your position


Use Google Maps to scout out the location. Here a hill to the west of our subject offers an elevated position. Now open the PhotoPills app (or the¬†Photographer’s Ephemeris¬†app) and check the sunrise angle.

3. Check the position

Check the position

Upon arrival, check the position of the sun using PhotoPills’ augmented reality mode. Patience might be needed: Corfe Castle here was initially shrouded in mist, but 20 minutes later, the mist had cleared just enough.

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