How to predict the angle of sunrise for the perfect landscape photography

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2. Set the elevation

Set the elevation

Now set an elevation. Again, the shaded area shows the elevations that aren’t available. For sunrise the angle will be be very low, so this’ll be 0 degrees. Tap on ‘Search’to see all the days on which this angle of view is possible – in this case, for a few days in late August and mid April.

Excellent planning apps

A wealth of useful information on the sun, moon and tides can be at your fingertips with a few clever apps.

Here are our picks: PhotoPills (£7.99/$12.49) has raised the bar for planning apps with its sheer number of tools and tutorials. Then there’s The Photographer’s Ephemeris (£6.99/$8.99), a long-cherished tool for landscape photographers.

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