Coral reefs are underwater ecosystems that are also home to different fish species and other tiny sea animals. Coral reef fish are small fishes that live in association with the reef ecosystem. Coral reef ecosystems are quite complex with a myriad of inhabitants, be it the same species or different, and hence, boasts large biodiversity.  usatales

The coral reef ecosystem is of great value and importance, as over 8,000 species of fish, both small fish, and some large fish, live in it. It is one of the most colorful ecosystems globally, and those who have done scuba diving or snorkeling in certain places like Australia or Polynesia will know for sure,

Coral reefs are a vulnerable underwater ecosystem that is the most diverse in the world. These reefs forms along the edges of continents or islands when the coral larvae of aquatic inhabitants attach to hard surfaces such as submerged rocks.

With time the coral grows in size and becomes home to thousands of coral polyps (the animals that help build the reefs). These coral colonies create the structure of the reefs.

Coral reefs are formed due to years and years of coexistence among fish, algae, and invertebrates. Most coral reefs are built by marine animals that create a hard skeleton, known as stony corals, and grow best in warm, clear, shallow, and agitated water.

Coral reefs are home to about 25-35% of marine life, including worms, fish, mollusks, sponges, crustaceans, tunicates, sea urchins, and other fish species. And that is why it is considered one of the best aquatic ecosystems and is also known as the rainforests of the sea.