Recruitment is one of the leading industries that has taken viable importance around the globe. Not to mention it has also gained significant importance in Dubai and the UAE with many companies looking towards recruitment agencies for helping them source a reliable workforce. This brings a great opportunity to those that are looking to open a company in Dubai. Opening a recruitment agency in Dubai can bring significant perks that you can opt for. However, you’d need to ensure to first obtain your license, set up the firm, and then operate.
Let’s get started on how you can set up a recruitment agency by obtaining a legal license in Dubai:

Initial Assessments
Before you even dive into acquiring a recruitment agency license in Dubai, you need to establish footings for your agency to acquire its license. For this purpose, you’d need to go through the following processes to create a credible profile for your agency:

Business Activity
Even though a recruitment agency can work through several domains, you’d still need to specify the type of business activities you’ll be investing in. For example, you can become an agency that would find employees for the employers or serve as a consultant that will help the employer choose the right candidate from the pool.
In addition, you can also become a broker or an intermediary that would work in the same way as an agency but on an individual level. Or you can choose to be the company’s temporary employment agency that would take care of the sourcing of the employees.
Whatever you do, it has to be defined and in alignment with the type of business that you want the license for.

Choosing Company Name And Getting Registered
The last thing you want is someone using your company’s name and taking credit as well as benefits of your services in the market. The UAE government requires every business to register its trademark before it can start operating in the market.
This is to make sure that each company has its unique profile in the market. Moreover, it saves their name from being illegally used in the market, allowing them to file a copyright violation case against anyone involved in the infringement.
There’s a list of elements that you should consider before naming your business. This includes avoiding abbreviations, blasphemous content, etc. All these have to be considered before you submit your names for the company’s registration.

Choosing An Ideal Location
Another important factor to consider is to choose an ideal location for starting your business. You can opt for Dubai mainland or freezone to get started. Each location has its perks, which you should consider to bring significant growth.
For example, working in a Dubai freezone gives the perks of establishing your office without the hassles of paying taxes. Moreover, business establishment, labor, and market entrance are pretty easy due to the benefits bestowed by the UAE government for promoting business growth in these zones.

Market Analysis
Market analysis is always a great step towards setting up your business in any location. It also helps choose the ideal location as per competition, benefits of setting up a business, etc. If you’re working on establishing a recruitment agency, then going for a market analysis would help a lot.
For starters, you’ll know what your competitors are and what companies are working with them. You’ll also know what services they offer, which will help narrow down your business requirements and you’ll have a better approach to entering the market.